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Follow The Leader Or Be The Leader
You're either riding a Trek road bike — or you're following one.

Here's an excerpt from our new Cycling Guide. If you didn't get your FREE copy, come pick one up at the store. To reserve a copy for pickup (while supplies last) please send us an email.
Roads and road riders are different everywhere. You've got endless switchbacks in the Pyrenees, flat headwinds on the Carlsbad coast and rolling hills in West Virginia. Some riders pedal for glory, some spin for fitness and others ride for just plain fun.  No matter where or why you ride, Trek has a road bike that fits you perfectly. Advanced frames act like part of your body, and every component delivers performance. We have a lot of experience with Trek road bikes, and we'll gladly help you find yours. 

Madone SeriesI enjoy racing through France every summer, and I usually win.
The only people who push as hard as Lance Armstrong are the Trek Madone's engineers. They've optimized every facet to achieve Tour-winning lightness, strength, responsiveness and aerodynamics. Ride the same frame Lance used in all seven of his Tour de France victories. The Trek Madone series ranges from $3,300 to $10,000.
Shown at left: Madone SL 5.9, $5,500 msrp

There's no lighter, smarter way to climb a mountain than in a (A) Women's Nike 10//2 Pro H/C Sleeveless Jersey ($79.99). The (B) Nike Swoosh Sock ($10.99) looks and feels cool. The (C) Trek Criterium Short ($54.99) has the fit and comfort for hard rides.

Pilot Series — Hard rides, easy riding. Trek Pilot bikes perform like their racing siblings, but they have a more upright riding position. Easy-riding features abound: double-wrapped handle-bars, vibration-absorbing frame and seatpost, and even puncture-resistant tires. The Trek Pilot series ranges from $770 to $4,730.
Shown at right: Pilot 2.1, $1,430 msrp

Alpha Aluminum SeriesI might not be the flashiest, but I'm fun to ride with.
When Trek builds a road frame from Alpha Aluminum, it creates on of the most responsive rides on the road. Lightweight prices and top-quality components give these bikes an unbeatable dollar-to-speed ratio. The Trek Alpha Aluminum series ranges from $710 to $1,150.
Shown at right: 1000, $710 msrp

Triathlon Series — Built for speed
In triathlon, you need the fastest machine you can get. The Trek Equinox's Bontrager seatpost lets you adjust your seat angle to achieve your most powerful pedaling position, and its windtunnel-tested aerodynamic frame, bars and wheels help you cut through miles of competitors. The Trek Equinox series ranges from $1,430 to $4,290.
Shown below: Equinox 5, $1,430 msrp

Lean More, Corner Better
Outside pedal down. Drive your weight onto your outside pedal. Keep your inside pedal high and almost completely weightless.
Light hands. Balance on your feet and keep your hands light and loose. Let your bars turn how they like; they know what to do.
Low shoulders. Flatten your torso so your hips are near the back of your seat and your shoulders are near your handlebars (but your hands are still weightless).
Straighten your inside arm. For a left turn, lean your bike
by pushing your left grip into the turn.
Butt off the saddle. While you stand on your outside pedal, lean your bike underneath you until your saddle rests against your inner thigh.
Lean your bike more than your body. While your bike leans beneath you, keep your body poised above your tires. The faster and tighter the corner, the more your body will lean; the key is to lean your bike even more.
Exaggerate. It's the only way to erase an old habit and build a new skill.