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Where The Road Ends, Adventure Begins
Fuel your ride from singletrack to World Cup.

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A trailhead is a jumping-off point, a path to a new adventure every time you pedal down the trail. Trek mountain bikes are built for that journey.

Trek's bikes blend proven design and technological innovation to enhance your riding experience.
Frames are built of light, durable ZR9000 alloy and OCLV carbon fiber. Suspension is tuned for smooth response to every bump in the trail. It's all topped off with the very best parts: Shimano drivetrains and Bontrager components.

Trek utilizes proven frame designs, such as the award-winning Fuel an MTB Review Hall of Fame design two years running. Sophisticated suspension technology such as RockShox's Motion Control damping is a Trek exclusive.
Trek mountain bikes aren't just durable and dependable; they make every ride more fun.

Fuel Series
The Full Suspension Standard
Trek's most versatile mountain-bike line relies on the proven Fuel RockerLink suspension system. The Power Point rear triangle is stiff enough to win a World Cup race, while the new Fuel EX bikes offer four inches of travel front and rear. The Trek Fuel series ranges from $1,099.99 to $4,949.99.

SHOWN: Fuel EX 9, $3,299.99

Trek's Partners In Technology

RockShox invented mountain-bike suspension in 1987, and is still the technology leader. Motion Control technology is the heart of not only the company's suspension forks and rear shocks, but its design philosophy: to build lightweight, durable suspension that mountain bikers can easily tune and that requires virtually no maintenance.

The industry leader in bicycle components, Shimano's innovations have driven bicycle technology since 1921.Whether for racing, freeride or just riding, Shimano's mountain bike parts offer unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship, and continue to set the standard by which all other components are measured.

Liquid Series
Totally redesigned for better performance, the new RockerLink improves frame stiffness and durability. Cartridge bearings and optimized pivot locations provide plush, efficient travel on big hits or big climbs.
The Trek Liquid series ranges from $2,199.99 to $3,189.99.

SHOWN: Liquid 55, $2,969.99

Session Series
New for 2005, the Session is built for hucks as big as you dare to take. The reinforced RockerLink, ZR9000-alloy frame and hardy Bontrager Earl components stand up to brutal conditions. The Manitou suspension offers 7 inches of travel to make any landing soft.
The Trek Session series ranges from $2,749.99 to $3,409.99.

SHOWN: Session 77, $3,409.99

Is Full Suspension For You?


In the past 3 years, bike makers have made huge leaps in full-supsension. Now's a great time to raise your level of off-road comfort and performance.

"Aren't they heavy?" No. Many are now only about 2 pounds heavier than comparably equipped hardtails. The more you spend, the lighter they get. Some full-suspension models are under 24 pounds, which is as light as most hardtails!

"Aren't they squishy on climbs?" Not anymore. Suspension used to rob power from pedaling.

Easy lockout switches have eliminated much of that problem, and some new suspension designs automatically limit pedal bob and don't need lockout at all

"I don't race so I don't need one." Maybe, but consider that on long rides, suspension helps you stay fresher longer and enjoy big rides. On any ride, you'll love the added comfort and increased control for both ascending and descending.

"Are they durable?" Like everything new bikes are better built than ever. Now that designs have become mature, costs are going down as production quality is going up.