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Stephen Apking

Stephen Apking
riders riding
(A.K.A. Smapking, Smap, Smappy)

 Smap is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee and grew up riding bicycles in the Cedar Bluff / Farragut area. His first bike was a 1950's Schwinn, model DX. At age eight, he destroyed this bike in a horrendous and memorable crash involving a large wood pile. Not long after that, he moved up to a 3-speed Stingray. This bike marked the beginning of his mechanical calling to bike repair. At age 11, he began his BMX / Stunt career. This was his first introduction to Tim & Gerry, as they raced for the original owners of West Hills Cycles at the Schaad Road BMX track. Smap's interest changed from bicycles to hot rods at age 16 and it would be nearly a decade before he would rekindle his passion for cycling. This passion returned in the form of a Gary Fisher Paragon on the trails of Norris Watershed. Smap has been cycling steadily ever since.

 Although Smap is an avid cyclist, he is also a huge fan of other sports. His other likes are scuba-diving, swimming, cliff diving, wakeboarding/bare footing, white water & flat water kayaking, fly fishing, snowboarding, ice skating/rollerblading, sport climbing, long boarding, sailing, trail running, hiking/camping, hunting, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Hapkido, and Friday night pool shooting.

Current Bicycles:

- Trek 110 Madone Aero, Moots Mooto X 29er S.S., Moots Mooto X RSL 29er  S.S.,  Moots Mooto X YBB Geared, Gary Fisher Ferrous, Kris Holm Muni, Trek Transport +

Favorite mountain bike trails:

- Tanasi trails at Ocoee, Haw Ridge, Pisgah, Bent Creek, Dupont & Racoon Mountain.

Favorite road loops:

- Foothills / 129 out and back, The Old Headless Loop, Green Cove, Watts Bar Loop 

Other favorite rides:

- Rich Mountain / Cades Cove under a full moon

- The Heinous Loop

- Sea Pines Bar Loop over the 4th of July